Bulletin – September 2022



Pioneer of Malaysia Aluminium Industry

To provide an exclusive insight of the history of Malaysia Facade Industry and to honor the efforts of our pioneers in navigating the industry to where we are today, PIFM is creating a series of featured interviews with the pioneers of Malaysia Facade Industry, led by Ms Christina Lee. 

It is our pleasure to have Mr. Ngim Kai Weng, the founder of Central Glass Group of Companies for a physical interview, as he shared some of his valuable knowledge and experiences, alongside his successor, Mr. Joe Lam. 

Mr. Ngim Kai Weng, the founder of Central Glass Group of Companies has been the key figure in the group as he officiates the finance and management for over 40 years. He has extensive experience garnered from long years in the trenches at the forefront of the glass and curtain wall industry as it develops and matures through the years. With a strong focus on innovative services coupled with sound financial sense, he has led the group through economically robust and fragile times, as well as secured architecturally prominent projects, locally and internationally which are now significant testaments to Malaysia’s booming years.

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